DYL Plus

Perhaps you’re like many people we know who have reached mid-career, having achieved your goals and dreams, only to realize that it isn’t all that. You may find yourself disappointed by the trade-offs you’ve chosen to make in pursuit of the formula you thought would lead you to happiness. Maybe you’ve even reached the pinnacle of your career only to find out you are absolutely miserable. You’ve wanted to do a reset, but you haven’t quite known where to begin. With obligations, commitments, trajectories, and even liabilities, you don’t necessarily want to throw the baby out with the bathwater, but you DO want to be proactive about pursuing some changes in your lifestyle that will yield greater fulfillment. This service is for you if you want a bit more support in doing the work–more automated tools and periodic sessions with a certified coach who can help you think through some of your choices and bring clarity to your plan.

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